Welcome to my little corner of the web!  I figured that venting on the web would be the best kind of therapy you can get and what can I say its free.

uber – combining form prefix: uber-; prefix: über-
  1. denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing.
    “an uberbabe”

I don’t think this will be a supreme example of a good blog, but I do strive to be entertaining (at least to friends and family).   My blog has been around since 2010, so I didn’t rip off Uber by the way, but I am a regular patron (no they did not pay me to put that in)!

This blog will mostly be about my shenanigans around the globe when I go traveling and to let the people that care about me that I’m still alive, but also will have other topics related to analytics since I’m a geek like that. I’m not a budget traveller that likes sleeping in caves, but also not an extravagant one either that stays in 6 star hotels.  I’d like to think that I’m think kind of traveller for the rest of the humanity, that doesn’t strive to quit their jobs to travel the globe per say, but I do enjoy other cultures and seeing our beautiful world so I try and pace my trips such that I take very large trips every other year, and small ones in between.

So here’s a living record of travel with the things that I like to do, and my addition to the digital history of our planet.

I can be reached via email:  meera dot das at gmail dot com.




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