Holiday Hiatus..

Hello all,

winter_hiatusThe time has finally arrived, and I can set forth on a two week hiatus away from Chicago, work, and everything else that generally raises my blood pressure to well above where it should be.   After two moves, two job changes, and two years of stress (that will age me in ways that I’m sure I haven’t yet discovered) I’m looking forward to a break, first was  NY this weekend at Karen’s wedding, and then for some beach fun in Hawaii!

The thing I love and hate about this time of year is how crowded the airports are, and we all know how much I love ORD, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, it’s insanely busy with delays even when the sun is shining.   And I must say ORD certainly didn’t disappoint this morning:


Now being the airport hound that I am, (actually on reflection I’ve been on a flight several times each month this year),  I opted to spend the $40 and purchase Premier Access through United and I must say I’m sure glad I did,  this was my line..


You’ll notice that there is no lineup,  but in the distance was everyone else!  SO moral of this story if you know your traveling on the busiest day of the year,  don’t be cheap.

The trip to NY was awesome got to see my former PwC team and it’s always a pleasure getting together with them, I’ll update the post with some pictures when I get a chance but I took them with my actual camera and haven’t had a chance to upload them to iCloud yet.  The trip to CT was fun, in all my time in NY I had never been,   Sam and I stopped in Stamford at a great taco place called bartaco,  it’s highly recommended if you are in the area,  great gaco..


For now I’m 3 5 hours into my 8.5 hour flight to Maui and currently over Wyoming the Pacific about an hour out of California,  here are some pictures of Wyoming for your viewing pleasure:













You guys will guys will probably see some more updates from me  while I’m flying as I’ll be bored out of my mind the next few hours.   iPhone is at 64% 40% so I switched to the iPad!   I would have added more pics but just cloud cover now.  This flight has been interesting,   the girl beside me keeps kicking my foot although my foot seems to be on my side of the area,  as I was telling Anna and Marcos, if it doesn’t stop I may chuck her out the emergency exit.  Although having wifi makes up for having to be in herded like cattle on this flight..

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2 Responses

  1. Milena says:

    Have an awesome time! You need it!!!

  2. Char says:

    Maui-wowee. Merry Christmas and have a great vacation!!

    BTW- “in ways that I’m sure I haven’t yet discovered” LMAO. That’s how I feel having one child.

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