The Das Reboot,  fried chicken and other Honolulu musings..

The unfortunate time has come and the 2015 vaca is now over.   After letting my mind shut off for around 2 weeks,  I am glad to report that the sun and salt water has removed much of the stress of the past two years off my face, with even skin tone and dark circles under my eyes gone:  Although a bit hard to tell here given the new Maui Jim’s,  I can assure you the bags are gone.  Needless to say this Das has certainly rebooted for 2016.

Steph ended up renting a jeep (which was nostalgic for me given my very first vehicle was a jeep),  with roof off we travelled most of the North Shore of Oahu visiting beaches,  food trucks, and as it turned out awesome mini outlet malls.  Leave it to my travel mate to know where the best shopping is as well.  Some damage I did at Kate Spade:

Although Waikiki was awesome to stay in (since many of the dinner places we went too were in Honolulu and close to where both of our accommodations), the core of the travels occurred around the Island and at the North Shore.   This is where I saw some of the largest waves ever breaking on land, and I found that Hawaii did indeed have many fish,  many of which congregate in Oahu:

Much like everywhere it was just a matter of finding some of the right spots to snorkel at.  One thing I would like to comment on is that I am very disappointed by the amount of dead sea coral I saw on this trip as it truly breaks my heart that these reefs may disappear due to both #globalwarming and human overuse.

This portion of the trip was quite enjoyable as I relinquished all decision making regarding food and venues to Steph,  and it certainly worked out to my favor!   By letting her be the food dictator I believe I ate at some of the best foodie spots on the island!  In her defense Steph did ask me if I was okay with each outing before we went,  but I more or less let her make most of the choices and it was great not having to do any research on this.  I’m a foodie, but a lazy one that prefers others decide where to go and make the reservations so I can just show up (Anna can also attest to this).

Here is a sample of the great food we had,  starting from the top left, going clockwise, Giovanni’s shrimp truck in North Shore;  Sake at our ‘Omakase’ sushi experience;  Ahi tuna tartar at Town;  Pork Chop at Town;  Mike Huli Huli chicken food truck;  Delice Crepes in North Shore; and finally the best Miso soup ever (sans shrimp head that was staring me in the face):

The most amusing part of this all is that we stopped at a random grocery store to pick up some fried chicken (literarily 1 chicken leg and 2 wings) and the bakery across the street to grab a cookie and Banana bread respectively as Steph vouched for both.   The fact that she knows right down to which individual grocery store to go to to pick up snacks should tell you she doesn’t fuck around.  I will do a separate post on where to eat and swim as part of my Hawaii guidebook that I will post later this weekend,  along with some tips on using a GoPro since that was a constant companion for me on this trip.

I’m about to board a United flight, to fly back to the frigid Midwest,  in case the wifi doesn’t work on the plane Happy New Year all!

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