Au Revoir Paris! Namaste India!

Hi Guys,

The Paris leg of my trip is over!  :-(

Although I loved my time in Paris, the weather was horrible.  In any case, as bad as the weather was, the day I left Paris was even worst!  I was at the airport at 6 am, and it took me 3 hours of standing in line just to check my luggage.  It was pandemonium, nearly 600 people at my check-in counter alone, all of whom were very upset and trying to make alternative travel plans due to all the weather cancelations in Western Europe.  Air France had called in the French army (all armed with rifles) to try and keep the peace!  My knees are really swollen due to the standing, and will have to take Advil to reduce the inflammation.  Here are some pictures from the last few days in Paris:

In any case, I loved Paris, but on to India!  I’m praying that I won’t get sick, and that the next few days will be uneventful.  I have to say, my first impression of India is that this place is chaotic, with no order!!  Too many people, no personal space, and they do not follow any rules of the road.  When my cousins picked me up from the airport, my first question was why the driver didn’t drive between the lines, the response was no one does?   😐

Also I have been reunited with Milena, I think after 4 days of an indian wedding, I’ve never seen anyone so happy or joyous to see me in my life!!  I mean I know I’m insanely great company, but wow I guess those proposals of marriage for her at the wedding made her want to jet out of there!

Last note, you know you’re on vacation when you have no clue what day of the week it is.

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6 Responses

  1. Ilda says:

    You are too funny! Milena may have discovered when she reunited with you that her true love was in front of her all this time (LOL)!!

    In anycase, good luck in India and keep writing. I am truly enjoying reading about your adventures!! : )

  2. MD says:

    Thanks Ilda! But I’m sure it was just the joy of leaving the wedding party..

    LOL! But you know, I’m great catch for anyone!! 😉 Hope you guys are having fun, will talk to you soon!

  3. Milena says:

    LOL! To clarify… Yes – I was happy to see Meera – not necessarily because she might be the love of my life… 😉 ha ha ha

    It was nice to see a familiar face that may not want to set me up with a distant relative in some distant corner of the world… 😀

    But joking aside, it was a great experience!! Indian weddings in India – nice mix of traditions and evolving new trends – great food – lots of music – overall great fun!

  4. Ben says:

    Viva La France. Bojour India. Great blogging always look forward to your updates. Happy to hear that you are reunited with Milena.

  5. Steph says:

    You are so Eat-Pray-Love right now.

  6. Abueng says:

    Are you going to Kolkata? The driving there is true madness. I honestly thought I was going to die twice my first night there.

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