Perseid Meteor Shower August 2010!

Every August in southern Ontario, the citizens of our great province get to see some of the best natural fireworks in the night sky.  Namely the Perseid Meteor Shower. Well at least some of us get to see it.  Given the light pollution in the city you’d be lucky to see just one meteor!  I’d love to say I caught a picture of one, while up on the roof of my condo Thursday night, but I only saw three comets crashing to earth in the hour I was stargazing, and they last for a whole 10-15 secs!  In any case, last year a few of us were up near Sandbank Provincial Park, and even though the Perseids had past, we still saw an amazing light show, and the entire Milky way by just gazing upwards!

It really is amazing the effect that the glow of the city, or something as simple as having our light on, has on our perception of the environment around us.  This was insanely apparent, after the nonexistent Aurora Borealis that was supposed to visible the week before!  Next year I think I’ll go an hour outside of the city and hopefully see a better light show!

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