And then there was one!

Hi Guys!

Arrived in Madras (Chennai) this afternoon, and after a long 3 hour drive, finally arrived in Pondicherry!  I’ll be saying hi to Pi when I get a chance!  I am loving the Sea Side suite I’m staying in, it’s clean, has AC, and an awesome veranda with a view of the ocean, perfect for contemplating and thinking about how to find one’s self! 😉

Mel left for home on the 5th, and thankfully arrived safely yesterday morning (Toronto time) to a nice quiet, and clean Etobicoke!  She will indeed be missed, as she was the only one saving me from the chaos and insanity that is my extended family!

My internet is still quite spotty, as I do have a mobile internet stick now, but for some reason the speed is equivalent to dial-up modems even though it’s on a 3G network.  In any case I’m just thankful that I can at least come online, connecting to gmail of course is another matter.

I thought I would post some pictures from about Dec 29th until today, since I’ve been a little behind posting pictures from some of the more recent trips, but given the really slow connection, I’ve opted to just post some Taj Mahal pics.  More will be posted as soon as I can get on a faster connection.

I hope everyone is doing well.  I can’t believe that there is only 8 more days until I return to Toronto.  The time really did fly and unfortunately it will be back to reality for me all too soon.  I really do have to enjoy each moment now, since there so few of them left!

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2 Responses

  1. milena says:

    Hey Hey Hey – love the Taj pictures! I love your enthuiasm – do enjoy every moment! I am looking forward to seeing some of the Chennai pictures. :)

    For your consolation, snow greeted me in Canada.. so enjoy your warm Indian weather…. :)

  2. Ben says:

    Beauty pics.
    Don’t look too hard at yourseld, we want you to come back to TO.

    Enjoyed the fact that you and Mel were wearing red shoes. Any significance :P.

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