The prodigal child returns!

Hey Guys,

It’s been a little while since my last post, and the even though I had a draft ready to post 3 days ago, I completely forgot about it and the next thing I knew it was time for me to return to Toronto.  I’d like to say my last few days have been great, and they are indeed memorable, but probably for the wrong reasons!  I’ve been insanely sick the last two days, throwing up quite a bit, I’m hoping I’ll survive all the flights in the next 24 hours. Regardless I’m really looking forward to coming home and sleeping in my own bed, and coming back to the familiar streets of Etobicoke.

I suppose since I’ll be spending over 16 hours in Airports waiting for flights over the next two days, I’ll have plenty of time to reflect on the trip, and my impressions of India, long lost relatives, as well as much of the self reflection that I’ve been able to do on this trip.  Sounds cliche, but part of this trip was for me to spend some time to re-evaluate what I wanted out of the next part of my life (that is post 20’s!), and what is important to me going forward, India has a way of making you think about things you never thought you cared about.

In any case, I’ll be off to the airport shortly for the long trip back to Toronto.  I’m sure it will be quite emotional,  but I knew at some point I would have to say bye to everyone here and return to my life!  And in any case I’m feeling some major anxiety about the upcoming flights, so will probably not even notice the entourage at the airport to bid me farewell!  Well when one chapter closes, another one opens!  Here are some pictures over the last few days with family and random wanderings:


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  1. Ben says:

    Meera do not come back. Its Friggin cold over here. -18 this morning. You’d be insane to come back. We will ship your bed there.

    Just Kidding.

    Hurry up already.

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