Already been a year..

My god, it’s been over a year since my last post. That is indeed insane, I suppose I had grand plans for the blog, but much like usual, life has gotten in the way!

First off for those of you who don’t know I’ve moved! I sold my beloved loft back in June, and moved a little closer to downtown at the foot of Queensway and Windermere! Loved Network but it was time to move on I need a bit more space, and something that I knew I wasn’t going to grow out of long term. New place is a mess but it’ll get there!

If anyone is interested I have some shelving available for sale, Mid-Century modern – Cado Shelving System (Teak).

I have for sale:

– 4 poles
– 3 cabinets (2 lockable cabinets as you’ll see in the attached pictures; 1 set of drawers)
– 3 normal sized shelves
– 2 wider shelves that can be used as a desk

Note the entire system is teak, with the poles being rosewood.

If anyone is interested give me a shout!

More painting, then sleeping, and then more painting this weekend..

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