Bali, bucket lists and the nothingness I’ve
been doing..

Hope everyone is doing awesome! Figure I’d finally post something so the majority of you would know we were still alive! For those of you who are new to my blog, I don’t generally give a play by play of my trip, that’s not my style :-) rather it’s tidbits of information or interesting things that I would generally share in person. If you haven’t figured it out yet I’m in Bali (that’s Indonesia for the less geographically inclined among you) and it took two very painful days to get here. Although the flights were bearable I’ve been fighting the flu the last two days and the second flight from Amsterdam to Bali was akin to torture, 17 hours of screaming children that you wanted to stuff into the overhead compartments – not that I would ever do that, it was just a thought.   It should be noted that I did make one cry, after an hour of kicking my seat and not a word from the parents,  I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I told him that children that don’t behave on the flight are stuffed into a dark corner by themselves, and so he should stop kicking my chair or I’d get the flight attendant.   Well his bottom lip started to quiver and then he started to bawl for another half hour.  I felt bad for exactly half a second,  and thought it should be the parents that should be stuffed into a corner!  My tolerance after a 15 hour flight was obviously non-existent.

Well I suppose it was all worth it, welcome to Bali (at least where we are staying):


Cross one more thing off my bucket list:
17. Visit Bali

My flights were bearable because I upgraded to Economy Plus, which may I add is not that much different than Economy except for the 5 additional inches of legroom and 30% additional recline. Let me tell you that is what separated me from arriving as a human being vs a crazy animal foaming at the mouth.  The only leg of the flight that I haven’t upgraded is the AMS -> YYZ on the way back, guess what I’m just about to do…

I’ve been here for about two days now, and I’ve done absolutely nothing except for sleeping and drinking. Part of that is jet lag, the other half is choice! We’ve really lucked out with the Villa, it’s beautiful with what is essentially a private pool! In fact I floated in the pool for about an hour this morning pondering life:













Yes I chopped off my hair before coming :-)

For the remainder of the trip I’ll be posting here as well I’ll be mirroring the post on the travel blog of Marcos and Amanda:

Hope everyone is doing well I’ll post again in a few days.

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3 Responses

  1. KM says:

    Hey, good to hear from u. Enjoyed reading these details …. And the pic of the pool is superb! Hope u continue to have a fantastic time till the last moment of the trip (inclusive of the flight back). K

  2. anna says:

    so glad to hear this! sounds like you are doing exactly what you need to be doing! and i’m gutted i cannot be there with you guys… send my love to m&a!

  3. Ben says:

    You need to do more drinking and less sleeping.
    Bali looks GREAT.

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