Paradise Unlost..

After a memorable few days in Bali, we moved over to the beautiful island of Lombok, located about a 2 hour boat ride from Bali! First impressions of the island was that we landed on Paradise! The black sand beach reminded us of the volcanic origins of the island!

The Sheraton, where we are staying, sent a car to pick us up and the driver gave us a quick low down on the island and it’s inhabitants. On the way to the hotel we stopped for some unforgettable pictures and found a new friend:




The Sheraton is a five star by Asian standards so my no means is it equivalent to the St. Regis or anything, but my god what they lack in updating, they certainly make up for in service! Every morning you are greeted with personalized service as the whole staff learns your name, it’s great and makes the stay here that much more special. The views aren’t too shabby either:


The whole stay so far has been awesome and the feel of this island is much less commercialized than Bali. But the people so far have made it so much more hospitable.

Next few days we’ll be taking advantage of the great big pool and ocean at our doorstep:


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  1. Ben says:

    Beauty of a sunset.

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