The day I felt alive again..

A lot of this trip has been about recovery. Recovery of mind, body and soul. The second half of this year was tough, lots of transitions, funerals and just overall insane hours at work where it seemed like even putting in 15 hours a day was never enough.

As most of you know my risk tolerance really rises when I’m on holidays. I’m known to take much more risk due to stress release and the fact that I would like to experience many of the activities that you wouldn’t normally do at home. I only learned how to swim in the last year, I felt that it was important from both a survival skill and fitness perspective. After 10 lessons I had a couple of different swim techniques down and availed myself to the pool in my condo a few times a week.

I went through all that effort so I could go and do this on vacation, a completely unforgettable snorkel trip to the Gilis islands. These 3 atolls are just off the coast of Lombok, and gave us the perfect opportunity to use my underwater camera:




Although I started with the life jacket I found it to be too cumbersome and difficult to swim with and in fact the added weight caused my legs to cramp. So for the second snorkeling site I opted to go with no life jacket, in water where the depth ranged from 5-10 meters. As we all know one thing I do not lack is confidence, so I jumped in with all the confidence in my swimming skills. A big thank you goes out to my swim instructor Hamid, I would have never gained the comfort I do in the water if it wasn’t for you! I can say that this was one of the best experiences if my life! Felt like I was flying through the ocean, moving with the currents being one with the ocean life. I truly felt at peace:



We saw an insane number of sea turtles on this trip, and in fact I had a zen moment with one in particular, we went face to face and it seemed like he understood me and I understood him:



Quite an experience that I would encourage everyone to try!


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  1. Ben says:

    You brave soul.

  2. KM says:

    The pictures are wondeful … And its lovely to read the experiences … Really glad for u. K

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