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It’s been a while since I posted anything, and unfortunately that’s in large part due to my busy schedule lately. One of the things that has been taking up a great deal of my time, is research into relevant articles and readings for a data analytics course (centred financial crime investigations) that I will be teaching in January. Although my subject matter knowledge can help me create the lectures, finding relevant readings or interesting support materials has been rather difficult. In the data analytics area, there are many websites where you can download data and tutorials on how to analyze it, but very few that can really help you understand how to make connections in seemingly unrelated data. We are constantly bombarded with data everyday of our lives, especially in the news. I love it when the newspaper or news anchors on TV start spewing facts or data, since in many cases they are unable to put context to what it means. In fact, many figures are incorrect if they are not put into the right context.

In any case as I was doing research on this very subject, I came across a great web resource on the Guardian Post Newspaper in the UK. They have an entire section devoted to Data, how it is displayed and putting into a context that is valid. They have beautiful graphs, and fully downloadable data sets that users can manipulate and view on their own computer. They are calling this ‘data journalism’, I’d like to call it responsible news!

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