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The Das Reboot,  fried chicken and other Honolulu musings..

The unfortunate time has come and the 2015 vaca is now over.   After letting my mind shut off for around 2 weeks,  I am glad to report that the sun and salt water has removed much of the stress of the past two years off my face, with even skin tone and dark circles under my eyes gone:  Although a bit hard to tell here given the new Maui Jim’s,  I can assure you the bags are gone.  Needless to say this Das has certainly rebooted for 2016. Steph ended up renting a jeep (which was nostalgic for me given...

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Where the f*ck is the marine biodiversity??

Well you can guess what this post going to be about.   I was going to start this post by leaving off the ‘is the biodiversity…’ and by asking where the fish were,  however I did find the fish,  it just happened to be the same fish everywhere I went — more on this topic shortly. I want to say Maui has been awesome in almost all respects,  the food,  the hospitality,  the beaches are all great.   However there was one particular reason I came to the Hawaiian islands for my long awaited holiday and that was the snorkeling....