Assignment 1

Due Date:  March 18th, 2013.

Assignment will consist of 4 questions, each with multiple parts.  Weighting for each question is provided in brackets at the beginning of each question.  Maximum amount of marks possible on the assignment is 75.

Note that the final assignment is due electronically by March 18th, midnight.  Assignments to be submitted using the subject line:  ‘Assignment 1 Submission:  Your Student Name’, to  Word, PDF, RTF, Powerpoint, whatever format you wish to finish the assignment in is fine as long as I can read it!  If you send me a format I can’t read, I’ll send you a note.

Late Assignments:  Assignments that are not handed in by the assignment due date will still be accepted up to 3 days after the due date, that is submission must be sent to me no later than March 21st.  Each day the assignment is late will be penalized 10% to a maximum of 30%.  If no assignment is handed in by March 21st, you will get a zero grade for this assignment.

Update March 5th:  An error was found with the field ‘CLNT_ID’ in the file ‘Question_2.csv’, the field should contain only one CLNT_ID, namely 7299.  Please fix in your copy of the file.

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