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Bali state of mind

Unfortunately I had planned to do more posts on Lombok and Ubud this week but time just flew by. The day of our departure from Indonesia has finally arrived. Bali/Lombok gave me back my sanity but more than that I am really leaving in a different state of mind. Slowed the pace of life down to the tenth of the speed that I was running at. I’m sure it won’t last but I’m quite thankful for the opportunity to gain some sense of normality and focus back. I must admit I do miss everyone and everything (believe or not) back...

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The day I felt alive again..

A lot of this trip has been about recovery. Recovery of mind, body and soul. The second half of this year was tough, lots of transitions, funerals and just overall insane hours at work where it seemed like even putting in 15 hours a day was never enough. As most of you know my risk tolerance really rises when I’m on holidays. I’m known to take much more risk due to stress release and the fact that I would like to experience many of the activities that you wouldn’t normally do at home. I only learned how to swim in...